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PETER MEYER  guitar, electronics
MORITZ BAUMGÄRTNER    drums, objects, gongs, megaphon


Through many concerts together over the last years the Melt Trio has grown together to a unit, almost to a musical organism. From their great palette of ways of expression they unerringly and pointedly chose the right tone colors at the right time. Collaborations with Jan Bang, Tony Malaby, John Hollenbeck, Jim Black or Theo Bleckmann have further matured the three personalities. Quieter moments live from the nuances and the finely intertwined parts that continuously intensify
and grow more acute or at other times are interspersed with abrupt expressions flashing up. The dynamics are wide, but
seldom happen suddenly; instead they slowly swell up and down again. The individual pieces are reminiscent of a meandering river, at times contemplative, at other times whirled by rapids. The Melt Trio creates meditative as well as nearly ecstatic moods. Arcs of suspense develop because the music is always moving forward within the composition, as opposed to the very common
turning in circles.

“… an ongoing variation on the guitar trio involving a highly personalized mixture of jazz, rock and atmospherics.” DownBeat Magazin

“Unique, individual, absorbing and touching, spreading its wings like an albatross, so closely calling from a far distance.” Wolf Kampmann  

„These melodies are of such compelling beauty, that they want to be heard again and again. And they are so catchy, that one believes to have known them for many years, exactly as if every sunrise emerged around these melodies.“ (Jazzthing) 

Audiophile Highlight of the month!” Stereo / MUSIK ***** KLANG*****

“a class of their own” Jazzdimensions 

“Pathbreaking in the European music landscape” Norbert Krampf / FAZ

“It is a very mature soundarchitectural work of art, with its compositional and instrumental qualities being close in relation to the transforming power of the music of Bill Evans and his trio with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian, fifty years ago. Adventurous, new and highly exciting.” Jazzpodium

“This music is provocative, demanding, and has depth and density of expression. It is sometimes edgy, uncomfortable and unconventional, with its convincing gesture refuting all the prevailing jazz dogmas and yet still flattering and enticing in power and beauty.” Jazzthetik 

“The Highlight was the performance of Melt Trio whos Debut Album “Melt” is a miracle in all different kind of ways” taz 

“The Melt Trio plays and writes music so full of life, that you can’t get enough of it.“ Jazzpodium
“We have rarely experienced an electric guitar trio so fresh and so rich in space and sound.” Jazzzeitung

stroy_cover_klein-150x150        249_cover_front_300-150x150    208_cover_front-22
Stroy (2016)                                Hymnolia (2014)                           Melt (2011)

Concert highlights:
Moers Festival
Jazz Baltica Salzau
Essen Jazzfestival
Eberswalde Jazzfestival
Berlin XJAZZ-Festival
Göttingen Jazzfest
Timisvar Jazzfestival(RO)
Garana Jazzfestival (RO)
Tel Aviv (IL) X-Jazz
Kassel Jazzfestival
Bremen MIBNIGHT Jazzfestival
Karachi National Academy of Performing Arts (PAK)
Kalkutta Jazzfestival (IND)
Delhi Jazzfestival (IND)
Mumbai St. Xavier`s College (IND)