Press (engl.)

“The highlight being the performance of Meyer/Baumgärtner/Meyer, a young jazz trio whose debut album ”Melt” is in many respects its own phenomenon: Here are three virtuosic instrumentalists playing guitar, bass and drums, a compact unit blending all possible influences from progressive and indie rock through to electronic music so strongly compacted that we hear a brand new form of music.”

taz, Tim Caspar Boehme


“This music is provocative, demanding, and has depth and density of expression. It is sometimes edgy, uncomfortable and unconventional, with its convincing gesture refuting all the prevailing jazz dogmas and yet still flattering and enticing in power and beauty. (…) “Melt” has become a very mature soundarchitectural work of art, with its compositional and instrumental qualities being close in relation to the transforming power of the music of Bill Evans and his trio with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian, fifty years ago. Adventurous, new and highly exciting.”
Jazzpodium, Thorsten Hingst, 10/2011


“In the trio Meyer/Baumgärtner/Meyer we see three musicians who have the skills and intellect to tread further than their own path - beyond the familiar pattern.”

Jazzthing, 9/2011